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Marine Lines, Mumbai


Designer's Den
Ghatkopar, Mumbai


Designer's Den
Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Serenity 360
Wadala, Mumbai

Designer's Den
Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Timeless Charm
Lodha NCP,Wadala

64 Tranquil
House Tour
Santacruz, Mumbai

Marine Lines, Mumbai
House Tour Video

Serenity 360
Wadala, Mumbai

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Travel Office, Mumbai

64 Tranquil 
Santacruz, Mumbai

About Us


Introducing the award-winning sibling duo, a dynamic team of designers who have been crafting unique designs and spaces since 2017. With their combined passion for creativity and meticulous attention to detail, they have quickly gained recognition for their innovative approach to design.

DG Studio Architects was established in 2017 by Ar. Pranay Deven Shah as an independent design practice. The firm has grown over time with a variety of multi-disciplinary projects ranging from luxury interior design for residential, commercial as well as retail projects in various cities across India.Their designs are known for seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics, creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also practical and comfortable. Whether it's a residential project or a commercial space, they have the ability to transform any environment into a work of art.

Pranay D Shah

Pranay Shah graduated from Rizvi College of Architecture in 2017 and soon after, he embarked on his journey as an independent architect, starting his own practice.

Pranay is known for his meticulous and minimalist approach towards design. He believes in the power of simplicity and strives to create spaces that are clean, functional, and visually appealing.  With his keen eye for detail and dedication to execute designs flawlessly, he undoubtedly creates space that exceed your expectations, with an in-house team of efficient & skilled artists.

Interior Designer
Tanvi D Shah

Tanvi's academic journey has been a remarkable blend of diverse passions. She completed her Masters in Psychology from Jai Hind College and embarked on a transformative path by joining the prestigious Rachna Sansad School of Design to pursue her innate flair for interior design. This dynamic fusion of psychological insights and artistic creativity sets the stage for her exceptional approach to crafting inspiring spaces. Her distinct aesthetic that combines minimalism with an innovative use of refreshing materials & play of pastel colors, crafting her own signature style.

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